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Naughty public sex at the station while being high

This horny Brunette slut was reading her book whilst waiting for the train at the railway station where after a while; a young sportive man sat beside her. As they got talking, he asked her if she smoked weed and when she replied yes, he pulled out a spliff, lit it up and started to share it with her. Laughing away, they then moved from the station to smoke it so they couldn’t get caught before getting that stoned, she decided to kiss his lips whilst rubbing his member through his trousers.

After a few minutes of teasing they then made their way by a road where he got out his cock and allowed her to jerk at his manhood whilst he groaned with excitement before sliding his cock in her pussy hole making his foreskin squelch between her pink pussy flaps as they both moaned with delight. As the action continued, he then bent her over and inserted his cock in her tight butt hole making her jump in shock as it thrusted between her arse cheeks making them moan with joy until several minutes later, she gave his knob one last loving suck making him shoot his salty man juice all over face. You can now watch all of this action yourselves at Public place pussy

Hot and very horny couple shagging naked in public


A couple go for a walk at a public park in the middle of the day to get some fresh air and spend time with each other. When they sit on a wall in a busy part of the park, the guy starts to play with her beautifully rounded tits before sliding his hand down her pants where he starts fingering her wet muff.

Before long, a another bloke who worked in the park came over catching them at it, and so they moved on to another part behind a parked car where he continued to play with her clit before getting out his thick cock making her suck on every inch as he pulls her back and forth. A few positions later, he then gets his dick in her wet twat, pounding it hard as people continued to walk past until several minutes later, he bends her over the front of the car bonnet and shags her so hard she has to quickly get down on her knees to catch his hot load of spunk which drips down her beautiful face as she shallows it. If you would like to get in on all this action just go to Public place pussy now!


Horny couple loves screwing on a bench in the park

Kinky blonde Katja and her mature male lover go out for the day in a public town to get down and dirty as people pass by. When the cock cracking scene starts, the pair makes their way onto a busy terrace, where Katja gets out her small perky breasts and allows him to suck on her ripe red nipples before getting on her knees and taking his thick dick in her mouth, causing him to moan loudly with ecstasy. A few minutes later, they then walk to a nearby park where he sits on a bench, pulls down his trousers and makes her sit on his thick juicy cock, that thrusts between her pink pussy lips as she bounces up and down on his lap.


Whilst this happens, people walk past in shock and some of them even take photos until several minutes later, they make their way to another busy place where they get behind the bushes as she starts to suck off his fat meat clenched dick making him groan in pleasure before shooting his hot load of sticky spunk over her pretty face, leaving him smiling from ear to ear. If you would like to see all this action for yourselves then go to Public place pussy now!