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This nice looking blonde is on holiday with her boyfriend and they are both nuts about having a shag in public. After going out to have a quick snack at McDonalds, he took her off to a slightly quiet place where they sat on a bench before she spread her pussy lips and started to masturbate, not caring that everyone that walked past could see what she was doing. Eventually they then snuck off to the car as things was getting to hot with security guards watching them on the phone, where they continues to get intimate, by allowing him to guide his thick piece of meat in her twat, making them both moan with ecstasy until a few positions later, they make their way to a field where he continues to pound her sweet wet twat making him one step closer to his grand finale.


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A just married couple go on their honey moon and they can’t get enough of each other as every hour they keep having sex! In this scene you will see them sneak about in bushes and even bare all on a public car park. When the video starts, you see them walking around the town holding hands until she spots a hat that she wants. Feeling generous, he buys her the hat and so thanking him she leads her husband to the car park where she starts to seduce him by sucking erotically on his cock making him moan with ecstasy.

As things push on, they then make their way to a field in which he lies on his back and allows his misses to slowly guide his member deep inside her pussy before bouncing up and down making her arse slap off his legs and for her to moan loud in ecstasy. Watch on as they continue to shag in all sorts of positions as people walk by until they go back to their car where she finishes him off by sucking on his dick one last time making him shoot a hot load of jizz on her tongue, whilst he watches her swirl it round in her mouth! If you would like to get in on this action then go to Public place pussy now!

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A Kinky mature blonde and her young toy boy went out for the day in a public town to get down and dirty as they love the thrill of knowing they could get caught at any time. When the cock cracking scene starts, the pair makes their way to a busy terrace, where she got out her perky breasts and allowed him to suck on her little red nipples before getting on her knees taking his thick piece of meat in her mouth, causing him to moan loudly with delight. A few minutes later, they then walked to a nearby park where he sat on a bench, pulled down his trousers and made her sit on his thick juicy cock, that thrusted between her pink pussy lips as she bounced up and down on his lap.

A few positions later, they then went by a really busy motorway where they continued to get intimate by him sliding his cock in her wet twat, making the slut moan with ecstasy until several minutes later, he shoots his hot load of sticky spunk all over her slutty mouth leaving her lick it off. You can now see all this action for yourselves at Public place pussy!

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Vanessa is an experienced escort girl with long dark hair and one sexy body! In this video she meets up with our Dries on a super market car park to show him how she works it. Vanessa specializes in public sex, fucking in a car on busy roads and car parks or even right next to the motorway. When the scene starts, dries soon has her bent over with his fingers stuffing her snatch whilst she sucks on his thick cock making them both groan with excitement.


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