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A horny chick loves swallowing his cum publicly

This Latina babe called Paula goes to a shopping centre to meet up with her boyfriend in one of the cafes. When she arrives, he greets her warmly before getting onto the conversation of having sex in public. Turning them on they then made their way to a quiet part of the cafe where he started to play with her tits, liking her little red nipples before fingering her wet twat whilst people walk past in shock. A few minutes after things start to get hot so they make their way to the car park where he continues to rub her crack before lapping his tongue around her ripe clit making her moan with ecstasy.


It doesn’t take long for him to get out his thick cock making her suck on it like an animal as he starts to moan with joy before inserting it deep inside her pussy crack in which he thrusts it in hard making her moan loudly with ecstasy. As the scene pushes on, he continues to fuck the little slut till she’s sore and then he finishes off as she gives his meaty manhood one last lick making him spurt his thick gooey semen in and around her slutty mouth. Watch on as people and cars go past in surprise as the horny pair has no shame! Just go to Public place pussy now!