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Couple having public sex at station while stoned


A horny Brunette slut is reading her book whilst waiting for the train at the railway station where after a while; a young sportive man sits beside her. As they get talking, he asks her if she smokes weed and when she says yes, he pulls out a spliff, lights it up and starts to share it with her. Laughing away, they then move away from the station to smoke it so they don’t get caught before getting that stoned, she decides to kiss his lips whilst rubbing his member through his trousers.

After a few minutes of teasing they then made their way by a road where he got out his cock and allowed her to jerk at his manhood whilst he groaned with excitement before sliding his cock in her pussy hole making his foreskin squelch between her pink pussy flaps as they both moaned with delight. As the action continues, he then bends her over and inserts his cock in her tight butt hole making her jump in shock as it thrusted between her arse cheeks making them moan with joy until several minutes later, she gave his knob one last loving suck making him shoot his salty man juice all over face. You can now watch all of this action yourselves at Public place pussy!