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Horny teenager loves fucking a bald guy publicly

This blonde hottie called Sonja, has always had a thing about having sex with someone in a public place and she soon got her wish when she saw an ad on the internet involving outdoor shagging so she applied for the job. When the day finally arrived Sonja made her way to the tram stop where she met up with a middle aged bloke in which they went off to a cycle path where she got out her tits before kneeling down to suck on his thick dick in which she slides between her teeth as passersby watch in shock.


A few minutes later, they then continue their walk as they go down by a busy road where he sits on the steps, gets out his cock and allows her to slowly guide it into her wet pussy, making them moan with delight when her arse started to slap of his legs. As the scene pushes on the old geezer continues to pound her pink twat when she spreads open her pussy lips, making them moan even louder with ecstasy as the cars pass by, until several minutes later he jerks on his cock and shoots a thick layer of cream over her perky tits. If you would like to see this horny bitch in all her glory then go to Public place pussy now!