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Curly brunette girl is having public sex in a car

This Flemish tourist meets a beautiful brunette girl in the city whilst travelling around the world. When he missed his bus he asked if she would give him a lift to where he wanted to go and luckily enough she was heading in the same direction. After getting in the car they travel a couple of miles getting to know one another until he takes quite a fancy to her in which he slides his hand on her legs travelling directly towards her pussy. Strangely enough, she quite enjoyed it and so she pulled over on a busy road and started to suck on his thick member making him moan with delight as people walked past looking in to see what’s going on.

As the action continues, they then move onto some stairs by a motorway where he inserts his dick in her wet pussy making them both moan with ecstasy as his heavy ball sack slapped off her beautiful arse. Watch as they continue to shag in public until she gives his cock one last loving suck making his jizz shoot all over her tongue where she shallows every drop! Just go to Public place pussy now! What are you waiting for!?

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