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Couple screwing publicly while people watch them

This nice looking blonde girl called Mia is on the way home with her boyfriend dries, when she suddenly gets the urge to fuck his brains out. Telling him that she was horny turned him on also so they pulled over the first chance they had, next to a main road with busy traffic. Once out of their seat belts the pair couldn’t wait to get their hands on each other as dries started to rub her perky breasts before reaching down taking out his thick cock making Mia wrap her lips around his shiny head causing him to moan with delight. She then continues to wrap her lips around his member making him groan loudly as her tongue licks his thick pink shaft from top to bottom before making their way onto some steps right next to a motorway.


Once there, he then bends her over the steps and inserts his dick deep within her pussy making her legs shake in pleasure as they start to moan with ecstasy. A few more minutes later, they then make their way to different location still fucking her twat until several minutes later, they get behind a wall on the motorway where she sits on his cock and continues to ride him hard making him shoot his jizz all over her face when she gives his cock one last suck. Just go to Public place pussy now to see the action for yourselves!

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